Alpha Injector Backplate for Alpha Dragon series engine #E13-BU02105R

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The injector backplate is a option parts for Alpha Dragon III, IV, GT, GT-R engine,

The Alpha Injector Backplate assists the fuel flow from the crankcase to the combustion chamber by pulsing fuel through the backplate in a more effective manor.

result a much quicker return to idle and improve the fuel efficiency,

some feedback from our team drivers and customers worldwide:

  •  It works very well, Idle is improved massively.- from UK 
  • Carburarono more regular and more time with fuel. -from Italy
  • More stable the engine at high temperature. - from Spain.
  • Testing both new pro Carburetor combination with optional Injector Backplate,  Fuel mileage improved by 17%, while throttle response from high RPM to idle is instantly improved. All conditions before and after changes remain the closest possible


optional pro carburator+injector backplate combo price:104.99CAD (regular price:119.98CAD)

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