ALPHA optional Carburetor for Dragon series engine #E05-BU02115-7.5

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ALPHA optional Carburetor for Dragon series engine(Dragon GT, GT-R, II, III, IV)

The new fuel efficient Carburetor which has been designed aim to extending running  time and smoother throttle response. 

a testing report from our team driver in the UK:

  • test the new carb with 6mm venturi , run time is 90seconds improved compared to the stander carburetor. It's easier to tune and lower the running temperature significantly. Felt no difference in power delivery and was still able to make all jumps as required. 
  • Testing both new Carburetor combination with optional Injector Backplate,  
    Fuel mileage improved by 17%, while throttle response from high RPM to idle is instantly improved. All conditions before and after changes remain the closest possible


optional carburator+injector backplate combo price:104.99CAD (regular price:119.98CAD)

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