PowerStar RS472HV Sanwa-Compatible Receiver 4ch


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PowerStar Sanwa-compatible RS472HV receiver.

    Coming in the same case as the Futaba-compatible variant, the receiver is usable with transmitters such as the new M17 as well as the M12S, M12, MT-44, MT-4S, MT-S and MT-4.

    • The full range 4-channel receiver measures 35.5×23.3×12.7mm, it is usable with 3.5V to 8.4V input and its firmware can be updated, making it future ready.

      Works with the following protocols:
      - FH3
      - FH3F
      - FH4T
      - FH4FT
      - FH4TE

      Size: 35.5x23.3x12.7mm
      Weight: 7gr
      Input voltage: 3.5V - 8.4V (high voltage capable)

    • How to bind the receiver to your Sanwa transmitter:
    • The receiver will NOT light the LED when it is not been bond to your transmitter. It will not show that it is turned on.

    • The LED will only turn on when it has a connection with a transmitter, or blink when it is searching for a transmitter.

    Follow this procedure to bind the receiver.

    1) Press the switch on the receiver (use a tweezer or bodyclip to press the button) and keep it pressed.
    2) Turn on the ESC.
    3) The receiver will start blinking to indicate it is searching for a transmitter.
    4) Put your Sanwa transmitter in bind mode (FH3/FH3F/FH4T/FH4FT) and press enter.
    5) The receiver will stop blinking. Turn off the ESC, turn it back on and exit the bind menu on your transmitter.
    6) The receiver and transmitter have been bond and is ready to be used!


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